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We are happy to have such a great field of more than 50 triathletes from 9 countries at our premier event that is combining two ex Yougoslavian countries. Triathlon in Slovenia is developing very fast and we are happy to have triathlete Mateja Šimic attending 2 olympic games already and full field of top long course athletes wining European championship and Ironman 70.3. races around the world. On the other hand Croation triathlon federation with turist potencial is offering more places and better weather to organize triathlons and preparations for athletes and its potential is huge as well. Hopefully in future we will bring more people to both countries and promote triathlon across both borders.

Portorose as Slovenian turistic meca will be the finish of our event. Whereas start is in turist resort Kanegra in Croatia.

OFFICIAL RACE BRIEFING AND PASTA PARTY will be held in Kanegra on saturday from 6 pm

BAG DROP BEFORE SWIM: you can deposit you bags with numbers and personal belongins at T1 where we will have extra place for that. Those things in marked bags will wait for you in the finish area in MARINA.

START of the event will be in Kanegra on sunday, 23rd april, at 8 am

SWIM is due to cold conditions shorten to 1.000 m along the Kanegra coast in one loop out and back

T1 TRANSITION AREA from swim to bike is beside the sea some 50 m from where you come out of the swim

BIKE COURSE, you start the bike course after you come out of the transition area in slightly uphil.  Full course is ondulating with more than 900 m vertical climb so save some energy for after the bike. Its 2 loop bike course 45 km in each lap. After finishing the second lap you come back to Kanegra to the transition area T1 where you leave your bike and go for run

AID STATIONS BIKE: there will be water, sports drink, bananas, bars at aid stations. There will be 2 aid stations

DRAFTING ON THE BIKE: There is NO DRAFTING on our events. You have to cycle 10 m out or back in order to stay in limits. Drafting will be penalized with 10 min penalty that you wil serve in T1 after the bike.

T2 TRANSITION AREA is the same as T1

RUN starts after exiting T2 to a slight climb until you reach the highest point on the run course. From there there is only downhill on PARENZANA towards border crossing. After exiting Croatia to Slovenia its all flat to the finish line with beatifull view of Soline park, Portorose promenade, Piran, Marina Portorož and so on. Turn around point is just before Piran where your number will be checked and you go back on the same route to finish line.

AID STATIONS RUN: there will be water, coca cola, sports drink, bananas at aid stations

BORDER CROSSING all participants will recive small bag-backpack where you can put your passport or personal ID. Without document you wont be able to leave T2 already, but if you do so, you wont be able to cross the border. Crossing will be faster than usual but NO ID-NO BORDER CROSSING. Dont forget that!!

FINISH line is waiting for you in Marina Portorose and you will pass it on the 13 km mark when you will run towards Piran along the coast. When you will do extra loop to Piran and back you will see the beauty of Portorose and Slovenian coast.

POST RACE MARINA will have fruits, water, sports drink and sea to cool you down after you finish the race

TRANSPORT from Marina Portorose to Kanegra will be at 2 pm AND 3.30 pm if there are more participants on the course.

POST RACE KANEGRA will have athletes dinner and awards party.

Relax and have fun. see you soon


1 Janez Klančnik MALE Slovenija 1985 ŠRK Celje
2 Jose Mangrobang MALE Italy 1982 United States Military Endurance
3 Gaetano Trimarchi MALE Italy 1976 lignano triathlon
4 Boris Bračun MALE Croatia 1983 TK Swibir
5 Sandra Ferencak FEMALE Croatia 1973 TK Zagreb
6 Manuel Finocchiaro MALE Italy 1976 TRIATHLON FIAMME CREMISI
7 Ivan Sandric MALE Croatia 1974 Tk Zadar
8 Raimondo Ordano MALE Italy 1978 Fiamme cremisi italia triathlon
9 Erwin Genuino MALE Philippines 1981 BANAYAD TRI TEAM
10 Stefano Comisso MALE Italy 1974 A.S.D. triathlon 3V
11 Marco Cognolato MALE Italy 1974 Olimpicaorle
12 Szamedli Richard MALE Hungary 1985 Vasi Triathlon SE
13 Jadranko Pušić MALE Croatia 1974 TK SWIBIR
14 Janez Cerk MALE Slovenija 1962 Šmarnogorska naveza
15 Anamarija Kejžar FEMALE Slovenija 1971 TK UTRIP
16 Robert Horvath MALE Hungary 1976 Szombathelyi Vízmű Sc.
17 Domagoj Paukovic MALE Croatia 1989 individual
18 Matyas Dr Gabriel MALE Hungary 1983 Vasi Triatlon SE
19 Aleksander Selan MALE Slovenija 1969 TK Ljubljana
20 Marco Guerri MALE Italy 1970 Tribo
21 Matevz Zavec MALE Slovenija 1983 TK MARATON Ptuj
22 Boštjan Zavadlav MALE Slovenija 1983 Olimpija TK
23 Igor Krajnc MALE Slovenija 1971 TK Telemach Ljubljana
24 Martin Mlakar MALE Slovenija 1983 TK UTRIP
25 Bogomir Dolenc MALE Slovenija 1976 Triatlon klub Velenje
26 Janez Uršič MALE Slovenija 1978 ŠD U3P
27 Martin Szabó MALE Czech Republic 1993 TJ Sokol Poděbrady
28 Tomas Krupička MALE Czech Republic 1987 NUTRISTAR IRONSPORT
29 Vincent Garnier-Salvi MALE Hungary 1976 TEAM 575 EQUILOR
30 Karla Oblak FEMALE Slovenija 1985 Karla Oblak
31 Rok Mlinarič MALE Austria 1985 Trisport Kamnik
32 Andrej Drobež MALE Slovenija 1967 Energe Ultra Team
33 Gregor Rak MALE Slovenija 1978 Pragersko
34 Valentin Goršek MALE Slovenija 1989 4 ENDURANCE
35 Nino Kličič MALE Slovenija 1971 NIL TEX
36 Modest Vengust MALE Slovenija 1969 Triatlon klub Ljubljana
37 Metka Jug FEMALE Slovenija 1969 Triatlon klub Ajdovščina
38 Niko Senekovič MALE Slovenija 1988 Triatlon klub Maribor
39 Kai Guggenbichler MALE Austria 1990 Team Wechselzone
40 Angel Manuel Perez Leon MALE UK 1976 Perez Balon triathlon
41 Thomas Schwald MALE Austria 1969 Austria
42 Gregor Barbič RELAY Slovenija 1976 3K SPORT HITRI
42 Mateja Bole Breznik RELAY Slovenija 1977 3K SPORT HITRI
42 Simon Bole RELAY Slovenija 1980 3K SPORT HITRI
43 Matjaž Volkar RELAY Slovenija 1974 3K SPORT DRZNI
43 Irena Bačak RELAY Slovenija 1974 3K SPORT DRZNI
43 Irena Mihevc RELAY Slovenija 1973 3K SPORT DRZNI
44 Urban Pavlovčič MALE Slovenija 1986 3K SPORT
45 Andrej Urjutin MALE Rusia 1970 TRIATLET.RU
46 Alessandra Fior FEMALE Italy 1979 Silca Ultralite Vittorio Veneto
47 Niklas Quetri RELAY Italy 1983 Lignano sabbiadoro
47 RELAY Italy 1983 Lignano sabbiadoro
47 RELAY Italy 1983 Lignano sabbiadoro
48 Christoph Schlagbauer MALE Austria 1989 RC TRI RUN ATUS Weiz
49 Denis Monticoli RELAY Italy 1975 4 Performance
49 RELAY Italy 1975 4 Performance
49 RELAY Italy 1975 4 Performance
50 David Pagon MALE Slovenija 1977 3K SPORT

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