Premier event in a world of triathlon, went just perfect

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OCEAN LAVA PARENZANA TRIATHLON, premier event in a world of triathlon that was held this sunday 23rd april starting in Kanegra-Croatia and finishing across the border in different country Portorose-Slovenia was a real beauty and the beast.

Ice cold water with temperature below 15 degrees, tough of the tughest bike course, with 90 km and 0 flat section with more than 1000 m vertical climb and run that athletes will defenately have hard time to forget. Talking about the beauty of it.

It all started in a cold morning with no more then 5 degrees outside temperatures, where some were wearing gloves and caps coming down to transition area. But we did not came to water yet. We already announced that the swim is shorten to 1000 m along the coast but for some even this was way too much. Other warmed up already after 200 m hard swim start in the begining. No problems for all the competitors and NO DNF on the swim means, the are some tough mother fu…s between triathletes. UPS

After the swim in transition area, first three out of water were:

  1. Christoph Schlagbauer AUT 12:40
  2. Janez Klančnik SLO 13:32
  3. David Pagon SLO 14.21

Hard battle was fought on the bike, since the 90 km in two lap course is really demanding, with no flat sections and two almost 6 km climbs. The difference after the bike was growing so top three after the bike were:

  1. Christoph Schlagbauer AUT 2:43:32
  2. Janez Klančnik SLO 2:47:03
  3. Janez Uršič SLO 2:58:53

Run is always the decider. And so was this time. Christoph that ran his own race, was not eating and drinking enough, while Janez had his eyes on the win. Janez already won 3 times in a row Ocean lava Logarska valley and came here to take the title. On the 19th kilometer of the run two athletes met. One strugling to berely walk here and there and the other picking up the pace. Guess who won?

Yes, you got that right. By a small margin of 1 minute and 13 second Janez Klančnik overcame Cristoph in the 19th kilometer of the run course and became the first ever winner of OCEAN LAVA PARENZANA TRIATHLON.

Top 3 MALE results were:

  1. Janez Klančnik SLO 4:13:25
  2. Christoph Schlagbauer AUT 4:14:38
  3. Janez Uršič SLO 4:31:28

Top 3 FEMALE results were:

  1. Metka Jug SLO 5:25:53
  2. Karla Oblak SLO 5:29:36
  3. Alessandra Fior ITA 6:15:33

List with full results is available HERE: RESULTS AGE GROUPS

Some of the pictures are already posted on our FB PAGE HERE





Hope you will recover well and race the full season ahead. Relax some more after that again and we see you next year, SAME TIME, SAME PLACE.



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