SWIM / 1.900 m

START in Kanegra (CRO).

FINISH in Kanegra (CRO).

Neopren wetsuits will be allowed.




BIKE / 90 km

Two laps 45 km each in Croatia.




RUN / 21 km

From Kanegra (CRO) on Parenzana course

to Portorose (SLO).





Start of the swim will be in the sea in the bay of Kanegra in Croatia. The route to swim start is about 100 m from the beach. Swim course goes along the coast from Kanegra towards Savudrija.  Turn around bouy is 500 m away from start point. You swim 50 m towards the beach and then turn around another  buoy and swim back towards the starting point.  The length of the swim is 1.000 m. 

Finish is at Kanegra (CRO) resort beach, where you run towards transition area when you come out of the sea. 


Bike course will be routed entirely within Croatia. From Kanegra the participants will turn left towards Plovanija. From there, right towards Buje and accross some undulating hills to the valley of the Mirna River. There is turn around point, timing check mark and aid station with snacks and drinks. From there the participants will follow the same route back to turn around point at main road just before Kanegra. The length of the lap is 45 km. Participants will bike two laps. Bike course has 880 m vertical climb. At the end of the last lap, bike straight to the transition area in Kanegra where is the end of the bike course. The length of the bike course is 90 km.


Run part will take competitors  along the route of the Parenzana trail from Kanegra to the border crossing at Sečovlje. There is a beatiful view towards Slovenia and salt fields. From there, the route goes towards Soline and Camp Lucija and through the Marina Portorose along the coast towards Hotel Bernardin. There is a turnaround point with aid station there. From there, participants run along the same route back to Marina Portorose where there is a finish line. The length of the run course is 21 km.